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Manufacture of pillows and viscoelastic products.

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Visco Foam. Company dedicated to the manufacture of pillows and products in viscoelastic material. New materials, new and innovative technologies, all prepared and studied to advance in the rest sector.

Our Story

January 2020

Pillows and Viscoelastic Products Export Department

Also in 2013 we made our first foray into an international fair (HEIMTEXTIL), where we are already consolidated, and an export department is created for this.

The first market operations in Latin America are started.

Robotization of the production area of Pillows and Viscoelastic Products

In 2017-2018 the robotic phase of production area begins, a fixed workforce of about 35-40 people is consolidated. North American Market

In 2017 a new facilities of 2,000 meters are acquired. Currently having about 10,000 square meters and a productive capacity of more than 1,000,000 pieces per year.

Automation of Memory Foam Pillow and Viscoelastic Products Manufacturing Processes

In 2015 – 2016 a new machine is incorporated, much of the production processes (enfudnado, palletizing) are automated with technology incorporation for Automation of Memory Foam Pillow and Viscoelastic Products Manufacturing Processes, and above all manufacturing processes are automated in the molding phase. In 2016, the figure of 1,000,000 units produced was achieved. Consolidated Francophone market. Market countries of central and eastern Europe.

Introducing the washable viscoelastic pillow

In this period, together with our partner BASF, we started the development of the innovative LAVABLE VISCOELASTIC ALMOHADA, which only VISCO-FOAM can offer and patented, which in 2017-2018 undergoes a reestyling in its composition to improve its qualities.

Birth of FunQualis

In 2012 to 2014, a new 1,000-mts spacecraft was rented; in 2013-2014 solar purchase of 3,000 meters compared to VISCO-FOAM, and a new facilities are built that accommodate the sister company of the group (FUNQUALIS), which will be the division for finished / customized product (boxes, different packaging), and gestations the division of large customers accounts.

Viscoelastic Products & Memory Foam Pillows Sell in the Foreign Market

In 2012 the first experiences are carried out for viscoelastic products and memory foam pillows sale in the foreign market: FRANCE-PORTUGAL-ISRAEL


In 2009 our products are certified for the first time, OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED in AITEX and in ignition test in AIDIMME (current, formerly AIDIMA).

Introducing the Active Coal Pillow

In 2011 a third annexed nave of 1,500 meters was acquired and reformed, moving to about 4,500 meters of facilities, and new injection machine.

The black CARBON ACTIVE pillow is inserted.

Introducing the Nature Pillow – Custom Pillow, White Label Pillow

In 2010 it began to introduce in customers who request not only core, but also customize the pillow (custom pillow manufacturing), functioning as a white label pillow.

During this period work began to expand the versatility of the product including customize pillow, acquiring core drilling machines, to be able to serve semi-finished product (machine for inner sheath polyester tersmealed), or expand the product portfolio with the ALMOHADA NATURE, raw material with part of plant origin (green photo core). A new 1,000-meter spacecraft is also acquired on property, and a second injecting machine is incorporated for white label pillow.

New Facilities

In December 2008 they acquired a 1,500-metre ship in Albal, which with a major reform, is set up and the headquarters is moved to these new facilities in May 2009.

ViscoFoam Birth

Visco-foama was born in January 2006, in a small facilities in Beniparrell, a machine, all manual and rudimentary, just a few moulds… (local rented of 500 meters, without much idea and much enthusiasm, with only 2 employees and a total daily production of about 200-300 pcs per day).

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