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Carbon Pillow (Visco Carbon)

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Carbon Pillow – Visco Head Pillow for Regular Use

Carbon pillows are an excellent choice when it is concerned with deep sleep. These types of head pillows not only eliminate the excess electricity but also allows the body to have a night of healthier and deeper sleep. This type of visco head pillow should be used as a head pillow due to the presence of open-cells, which promote the circulation of air through them, thereby keeping the pillow fresh and odour as well as moisture-free.

Eliminates excess static electricity accumulated during the day, allowing us a deeper and more relaxing rest.

The carbon pillows are designed in a manner to provide relief against different kinds of pains caused at different points. This type of head pillow comes in different shapes depending on the need of the customers.

Feel the energy of the elements… reduces odors, moisture caused by regular use of the pillow.

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