Manufacturer of Variety of Memory Foam Pillows

A technology-driven company with more than 15 years of experience, Visco Foam is one of the pioneers of Memory Foam Pillows. We manufacture a wide variety of pillows which include classic pillows, nature pillows, carbon pillows, super-soft pillows, and Visco Washable Pillows. We manufacture pillows from various types of raw materials, including raw materials of plant origin. Our pillows are manufactured for all types of utilization and can be accommodated as per the use of a customer. These pillows not only let you experience the pleasure of resting, but also provide you the benefits of maximum hygiene. We make every effort to satisfy our customers and provide the benefit of good health by manufacturing and customize pillow according to the demands. Our journey began with a supply of 200-300 pillows a day and today we not only deliver more than 8,000 pillows, but also have a customer base in Africa, South America, Europe, and many more. And it is due to the support of our customers that we continue to thrive in the race of excellent pillows manufacturer.

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