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Washable Pillow (Visco Wash® Pillow)

  • Washable Visco Wash Pillow®
  • Ergonomic Visco Wash Pillow®
  • Cervical Ergonomic Visco Wash Pillow®

Visco Wash Pillow® – Travelling Pillows, Anti-apnea Pillow

Manufactured with latest generation material, which sweats and allows washing obtaining maximum hygiene.

What have you been told you can’t go further at halftime? To break down was barrier immerse yourself in the universe of a product with the latest evolution in materials, which allows only on the market, the possibility of offering a perfectly washable viscoelastic foam core in our domestic washing machine, thus renew-persists all the qualities of our viscoelastic pillow, without reducing its virtues, and achieving maximum hygiene; a trend-creating pillow, unique in its kind that you’re going to want.

These pillows are prepared from washable viscoelastic foams. These pillows can be used as travelling pillows as they are washable and provide the benefit of easy to clean pillows. This type of pillow if used as travelling pillow can also act as anti-apnea pillow. If you have a apnea problem, you could carry this type of pillow with you and save yourself from embarrassment by not disturbing your fellow travelers. The Visco wash pillows are also beneficial to help you maintain blood circulation due to their varying designs and help you remain healthy and have a good night’s sleep.

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